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"German Style" Fresh Sourdough Bread

We offer a fresh bread online order service to pick up @LakeOswegoFarmersMarket

When you visit our stands at the farmers' markets you can expect bread that not only tastes delicious but also respects history and the environment. This is bread the way it used to be. Bread the way it ought to be.

What is sourdough? Mother Nature's recipe
Sourdough, or natural leaven, is a "starter" in which flour and water are fermented over several days with regular addition of flour and water to allow the growth of naturally present wild yeast and bacteria. This starter is then added to the baker's dough to begin the rising process. Moreover, sourdough also breaks down starches and gluten and unlocks the nutrient rich grains into healthy, more easily digestible food. Finally, sourdough is also the secret behind delicious bread full of holes, with a firm springy crust and a tangy flavor.