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6- Pack Grizzly Bread Baking Kit

6- Variety Pack of Grizzly Bread Baking Kit - Breadlovers LLC

6- Pack Grizzly Bread Baking Kit


This 6-pack comes with our bestseller Grizzly Bread Baking Kits:

Six (6) Grizzly Bread

All our kits are vegan, without artificial flavor or preservatives. No SUGAR added! Just add water.

This is the typical German classic bread. Made from high-quality wheat and rye flour with a golden brown crust.

The rustic wheat is characterized by the high protein content of the wheat flour, which has the property of being particularly brittle. The dough, therefore, remains stable when it expands. The finished bread is crisp on the outside and pleasantly luscious on the inside with a loose crumb. It can be enjoyed with quite different spreads and is the ideal companion to antipasti.

  • Organic unbleached white wheat flour 
  • Organic rye wheat flour
  • Organic dried rye sourdough starter culture