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Our Mission is to bring back the old fashion way of making bread in a modern concept that everybody can enjoy healthy organic bread everywhere!



The founders of Breadlovers, Monique and Sascha, came to the United States in 2014. It was difficult for them to get good organic sourdough bread, like they were used to from their old home country Germany. After Monique had started to bake fresh homemade bread for her husband and her kids every day, she was looking for ways to simplify the daily process and started preparing baking kits for herself. Now, she simply had to add water, mix and bake. After a friend in Germany gave her a baking mix in a jar, Monique had the idea of selling her own bread baking kits to everyone in the US. The idea of Breadlovers was born. In 2017, Monique and her family traveled through the United States with their camper van, to visit a number of mills and find the perfect ingredients for their bread baking kits. Each one of the 6 bread baking kits which are now sold online and several Grocery stores in the United States are either named after the place they were baked at for the very first time or after a place they were inspired by.