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our bread baking kits are one-of-a-kind 

If you want to use a mixer with kneading hooks, mix the ingredients at low speed for 3 minutes and then on high for 5 minutes until dough forms and can be easily removed from the edge of the bowl.



When kneading, fold as much air into the dough as possible to produce the fluffiest bread.



You can leave the dough overnight at room temperature for 6 hours maximum (timing depends on temperature) & bake in the morning.



Make a few slits with a sharp knife on the top of the dough before baking. This further refines the bread crust. This is where you can be artistic!



For an extra crispy crust place a fireproof bowl of water in the oven while preheating.


 If you have a Dutch Oven or pizza stone, preheat it before putting the in. If using a Dutch Oven bake the bread for 30 minutes with the lid closed and then remove the lid 10-15 minutes before bread is finished.



Leave your freshly baked bread on a baking rack to cool for one hour before you slice it.



Dutch Oven Bread Baking