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Decadent flavor combinations & fresh ingredients shipping nationwide by different variety packs.

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Bread mix limited - first come - first serve

Our bread kits are one-of-a-kind

We are bread lovers and passionate about not only our sourdough bread, but what's INSIDE our bread!

We have carefully sourced each and every sustainable ingredient to give you the highest quality bread possible. 

  • Benefits of Grains

    * lower risk of heart diseases-*lower risk of stroke-*lower risk of obesity-*lower risk of diabetic type II-*supports healthy digestion-*reduces chronic inflammation-*lower & prevents risk of colon cancer, because of high in Fibre

  • Only the best ingredients

     We use only certified organic flour from a mill in Montana, that does organic farming for more then 20 years. The soil is clean and pure. Additionally our bread mixes have, chia seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecan, hemp seeds, dates, all this ingredients have huge healthy benefits, and deliver, high nutrient on a daily base.

  • Back to Organic Farming

    Purchasing healthy nutrition can be a challenge in the US!! Only 1% of all farmers are doing organic farming in the US. All conventional farmers, include the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other continual inputs, genetically modified organisms.The chance to get industrial and over processed food is 99%,which causes a lot of health issues.

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  • Healthy Sourdough bread varieties for every taste

    We offer currently 6 different Sourdough bread kits. Varieties for every taste and meal. And by the way with great healthy benefits. How about our Missoula Nuts bread with the ancient grain Kamut(Khorsan), Hazelnuts and Chia Seeds. A bread we recommend for Athletes. Because of the chia seeds(ancient superfood)very high in fiber, Magnesium and calcium etc. Or a tasteful Eagle Rye bread, which leads to better blood sugar control. Rye is packed with magnesium, which helps control blood pressure and optimize heart health. We recommend to try all them, to figure out which one will become your favorite one!!

Our Story

Now Everyone can bake a Sourdough Bread, just add water, thats it!!

sourdough bread mix


This is the best sourdough bread I have eaten. It is expensive, but I will buy it rather than make it myself. It does not have many calories in a slice, which is a plus also. Much better and more nutritious than regular white bread.

LOVE love love!! WOWZA!! I am all about nutrition! This is amazing and a great price too. I want to subscribe!! Never run out!
Thank you

I order for my kids from here all of the time! Shipping is pretty quick. Bread Lovers is really great!

Shipping can be Expensive.

We heard you! We can now deliver USwide for free with a minimum spend of $100. Delivery areas exclude places where Bunnies should never be found.